Our Commitment


Our Vision

Wongaburra – Providers of Flexible Aged Care Services

Our Mission

Wongaburra is an Aged Care provider supplying residential and community services that is committed to provide a felxible high quality range of services to residents and community that is supportive and responsive to the needs of individuals and their families.

Our Values

We believe that the contentment and quality of life of our residents is of the utmost importance. We employ staff that are compassionate and caring and with a genuine understanding of the special needs of the aged. We encourage a workplace that is safe, dignified, and happy. We believe that care should be taken to ensure that no matter of staff exerts any influence on resident’s decision-making, particularly in financial matters.

Quality Statement

Wongaburra is committed to continuous quality improvement and follows processes that comply to accreditation guidelines. We encourage all members of staff to share with us any ideas for improvement.

It is the responsibility of all employees to participate and contribute to activities of Continuous Improvement by attending service improvement meetings and completing continuous quality improvement forms.

The Board and Management shall provide all resources necessary to achieve these ongoing improvements.

Philosophies of Wongaburra Society

The Wongaburra Society is a non-denominational, non-affiliated society. The Committee members are people from the community who are interested in the welfare of our ageing and disabled population.

The Wongaburra Society believes it is accountable to the general public, Residents, Clients and staff of Wongaburra and to the relevant Federal and State Government Departments.

Wongaburra believes its responsibility is to provide just and financially sound management in a warm, loving environment, having regard to the right of each person’s voice to be heard in the formulation of management principles.

We believe that people who are elderly or disabled are usually capable of making their own decisions. Those who are not capable to do so should still be encouraged and assisted to carry on their usual family and community roles within the limitations of their disability.

We believe in involving the community and relatives in the provision of these services where possible.

We believe in the right of the individual to complain without reprisal, to manage their day to day finances, to take risks and to express emotion; but we also have a responsibility to ensure Resident’s safety and to provide a safe workplace for all our staff and volunteers.

We believe that care should be taken to ensure that no member of staff exerts any influence on Resident’s decision making, particularly in financial matters.

We believe this is a home for our residents and will endeavour to maintain a homelike environment.


“We liked the inclusiveness of Wongaburra as a community. Staff were kind, supportive and friendly”

John Markwell 2018

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