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About Wongaburra

 Wongaburra was created as a caring gesture by the people of Beaudesert to enable the elderly to remain and live within their community. The Beaudesert community maintains the friendly and compassionate spirit that rural Australia is famous for and Wongaburra is the embodiment of that true community spirit.

Wongaburra was created and developed through the ideas, hard work and generosity of the people of Beaudesert. On the 29th October 1965, the Beaudesert Chamber of Commerce proposed the development and establishment of a home for aged people. The proposal immediately attracted the support of the community and within 5 years, in June 1970, the building was completed and furnished and was officially opened by Dame Annabel Rankin on the 22nd August, 1970.

Wongaburra has since evolved into a highly sophisticated centre for aged care, not only for residential care but so much more. Today, thanks to the diverse services offered by Wongaburra, the lifestyle choices are many for the elderly of the community and surrounding areas.

"In an era where nursing homes and aged care are getting bad publicity, Wongaburra is a shining light of care, support and empathy. I could not speak more highly of any organisation."

Lorraine Gaunt

"A huge thank you to Home Care staff for the patience, kindness and hard work for the special effort in making Dad happy and well cared for."

Shane Rooks

"We liked the inclusiveness of Wongaburra as a community. Staff were kind, supportive and friendly."

John Markwell