Fees & Charges in Residential & Home Care

The following information describes the various charges and fee options associated with residential aged care. These vary depending on the personal financial circumstances of the resident. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further. Should you wish to make an appointment please phone 5540 1400.

A summary of the types of fees that you may be charged are found at the My Aged Care websites.

If your income and assets are over a certain amount you may be asked to make an accommodation payment that you agree with the service provider. Otherwise the Australian Government may pay for part of your accommodation costs.

The Department of Human Services will advise you if you are required to make an accommodation payment.

This tab provides the maximum price (accommodation payment) you may be asked to pay if entering a facility on or after 1 July 2014, you may be able to negotiate a lower price with the service provider. This tab also provides details on any additional care or services that may be offered by the service provider, either as part of the accommodation price or available at an additional cost.